Wayne C. Hill

Chaplian Wayne C. Hill, Parks Air Force Base, California

Bible Instructor's Responsibility

There has been in all ages a unique place of Christian service for consecrated women in the proclamation of the gospel.

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Working With Fluorescent Materials

The sensational effect of black light is produced by placing a desired picture or mes­sage that has been treated with luminous paint before a black-light tube in an otherwise dark­ened room. The tube put out by General Electric costs about $32.80.

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A Conference President Views the "Prayer-and-Perspiration" Plan

When a building is constructed under what Elder Neil calls the "prayer-and-perspiration" plan, it frequently takes longer to complete operations.

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Making the Testimonies Live

How can the local pastor or district leader guide the members of his churches into a wider knowledge and better under­standing of the writings of God's messenger, Ellen G. White?

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The Military Fisherman

Chaplain Hill has written this thought-provoking article at the request of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary.

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