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Jo Ann Davidson

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Articles by Jo Ann Davidson

Deep breathing of the soul: Honesty in prayer (July 2016)

When trying to find an example for prayer in the Bible, we can look to Hannah, the psalmists, Bartimaeus, and Jesus.

Love and judgment: God’s triumph—Part 2 (May 2014)

The judgment message has two complementary aspects: God’s justice against sin on the one hand, and on the other, the extension of God’s blessing to all nations along with the vindication of His love, justice, and mercy.

Love and Judgment: God's Triumph Part 1 (March 2014)

Read in this article a description of God’s attitude of justice and judgment in the face of unrighteousness and sinfulness.

God's Word: It's origin and authority (January 2003)

A review of the Seventh-day Adventist position on the reliability and authority of the Bible
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