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William Johnsson

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Articles by William Johnsson

The Fast that God Chooses (September 2012)

Thoughts from our revival and reformation series.

The Pastor as Theologian (July 1976)

Theology is not a luxury.

"Man of God" (December 1970)

SOME years ago my wife and I were sailing by passenger ship en route to the mission field. We were young and recently married and found the rather fast type of entertainment provided by the ship's officers not too much to our Adventist tastes. . .

Safeguarding the Sacred (July 1977)

The minister and the constant threat of wordliness.

The real and the "really real" (November 1979)

All that we see and know is not the highest reality. While it is not a figment of the mind, it is not the ultimate. Our world is the world of man. The 'real' is the world of God."

How does God speak? (October 1981)

Inspired writings are a mysterious blend of the human and the divine. We must speak with caution when we describe their nature, not going beyond what is revealed or seeking to reduce the divine to the confines of our logic.

Preaching the Word (April 1984)

We, know our preaching should be Biblical—but how can we best use tine Bible in our sermons? The author suggests ways in which the Bible can shape our sermons, nurturing our congregations with God's thoughts and not merely our own. He calls for a balance in using both the Old and New Testaments, and indicates both the preparation and sermon types most fruitful with each.

The art of expository preaching (May 1994)

Four steps to make your sermon speak the Word to the life of the believer.

Baptism: Gateway to new life (December 2003)

The fifteenth element of Seventh-day Adventist faith
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