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Peter Landless

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Articles by Peter Landless

Choose your medicine (November 2018)

For optimal pastoral well-being, exercise is a critical ingredient.

Are you fit to lead? (November 2018)

God’s gift of health is a matter of life and death. Preach it to others but be blessed by it yourself.

Our work is not yet done (November 2018)

Are you living life to the full? Could you use some resources for improving your health?

Fit to serve? (July/August 2015)

The monthly pastor and health column considers the importance of health to service and leadership

Shepherds or white crows? (March 2002)

Understanding and helping people with addictions

The more abundant life (July 2004)

A Christocentric view of the twenty-first Seventh-day Adventist article of faith.

Pastor and physician: prescription for effective team ministry (March 2005)

How may pastor and physician work together? What are the advantages?

Journey: the role of faith organizations in youth behavior (September 2006)

How can faith organizations make the saving of the youth a part of their vision and mission?
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