H. Lloyd Leno

H. Lloyd Leno is an associate professor of music at Walla Walla College. He received the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Arizona.

Music--How It Affects The Whole Man (Part 3--Influence on the Mind)

BECAUSE the mind can subconsciously be affected by music, we can easily recognize its potential for controlling the mind. Gitler observed what psychologists have shown through investigation, that rhythm is a prime factor. . .

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Music How It Affects the Whole Man (Part 2--Moral Implications)

THE notion that music has moral or spiritual significance is certainly not a late-nineteenth-century concept originating with radical revivalists or mystics. The power of music has been a source of interest and speculation by many kinds of people through the ages. Ancient philosophers and scientists such as Pythagoras and Plato were suspicious of and awed by its potential. . .

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Music How It Affects the Whole Man (Part 1--Physical Effects)

SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS base their philosophy of life not only on faith in divine revelation but also on factual evidence. It should follow therefore that a philosophy of music should develop not out of rap sessions and opinion polls but rather on reliable information and inspired counsel. An understanding of the nature of man, as well as of the nature of music, is involved. Lack of knowledge in both areas has caused much confusion and dissension. . .

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