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Allan R. Magie

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Articles by Allan R. Magie

Building New Members into Church Life (June 1943)

Plans and Methods, Experiences and Problems

To Peel or Not to Peel (November 1975)

INDEPENDENCE DAY, 1975, found me atop a mountain in southern California with my two young sons. We were eating lunch. My wife had included some sweet and juicy navel oranges that really made a hit after the long hike to the summit. As I sat peeling the orange, I noticed some very friendly chipmunks interestedly watching me. . .

Unseen Killers (June 1976)

"The air, laden with smoke and dust, with poisonous gases, and with germs of disease, is a peril to life." —Ministry of Healing, p. 262.

Long Livers Have Healthy Livers (October 1976)

The liver helps defend the body against toxic chemicals in our environment.

"Let Us Leave to Him" (September 1976)

The health legacy of John Wesley

A Vitamin Pill a Day...? (January 1976)

The extent of human nutritional needs is indicated in the provisions God made to meet these needs.

Why Do We Age? (November 1977)

Stooped posture, white hair, wrinkled skin, slowed movement, loss of vigor and vitality. What causes them?

Death by Ounces (July 1977)

America's no. 1 drug problem

Health and Religion: Bottled health (August 1978)

Instead of masking nature's warning signals with drugs, why can't we learn a better way

Whatever happened to eden? (March 1980)

A look at the Christian's responsibility to his environment.

Light and life (June 1981)

Did you know that mums need more than ten hours of uninterrupted darkness a night or they wont bloom? And that older people need more sunlight than younger people? We have much yet to learn about sunlight.

Covetousness or contentment? (November 1982)

It is impossible to satisfy covetousness, for desire always surpasses its fulfillment
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