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Frank L. Marsh

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Articles by Frank L. Marsh

Comprehensiveness of the Flood (March 1940)

How many of the living forms which we see on earth today owe their existence to the preservation of their ancestors in Noah's ark? In other words, how many of the living forms on earth today have descended from ancestors which were existent only outside the ark when the flood was on the earth?

Evolution and the Sinfulness of Sin (December 1941)

The sinfulness of sin is invariably hidden to a greater or lesser degree from the perception of him who accepts the theory of organic evolution.

True Christian Science and Evolution (February 1943)

Presented at Science Teachers' Convention, Ta­koma Park, D. C., August, 1942.

Scientific Hypothesis of Origins-2 (September 1944)

Historical and Scientific Findings under scrutiny.

The Scientific Hypothesis of Origins (August 1944)

It is an interesting fact that in our complex modern world there are but two surviving hy­potheses of origins of man and his associated plants and animals.

Evolution, Creation, and Science (June 1945)

The editors ask Dr. Marsh to give us a constructive analysis and outline of his new volume from the viewpoint of helping the laymen in science to grasp its great essentials.

Genesis Fable or Genesis Fact? (August 1946)

A look at the two ways to arrive at a philosophy for the origin of life.

Science and Religious Faith Part II (February 1959)

A look at the work of Theodosius Dobzhanksy's classical book.

Science and Religious Faith—Part I (January 1959)

Dr. Marsh gave a series of three chapel talks during the first half of the summer session of 1958 at Potomac Uni­versity. The students at the university wished to have them in some permanent form, and it was felt that our workers in the field would also appreciate them. Therefore, rather than being mimeographed for a limited group, they are being made available through THE MINISTRY. This is the first of six articles that will bring this series to our readers.—Editors

Have We Inspired Information on the Age of the Earth? (December 1967)

This subject has been a topic of discussion among many of our loyal believers. Therefore, we feel this article by F. L. Marsh deserves your careful study.--Editors

Is Theistic Evolution Scriptural? (April 1960)

Among evolutionists today it is not uncommon to find individuals who, although they believe man evolved up­ward from the beasts, claim to accept the Bible as God's inspired Word for man. Be­cause our workers are continu­ally coming in contact with these folks, I thought it would be profitable to present a quotation that shows how these theistic evolutionists think.

Are the Natural and the Supernatural the Same? (December 1977)

It is essential to the well-being of the universe that natural processes operate in regular ways.

Variety—The Spice of Life (February 1981)

With more than 1.25 million kinds of animals in the world, variation is an obvious fact But variety has sharply defined limits.

The Theory of Natural Selection (June 1941)

A study of recent discussions on the theory of natural selection.
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