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Cyril Miller

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Articles by Cyril Miller

"Philippian Fellowship" Uniquely Different (October 1971)

FIVE glorious days of nothing but inspirational, evangelistic instruction and warm, friendly visits with fellow ministers were enjoyed by nearly 100 pastors, evangelists, and conference administrators attending the "Philippian Fellowship" held in New Orleans by the Southwestern Union, January 4-8, 1971. . .

Leadership evangelism (February 1986)

Whether or not you are gifted as an evangelist, if God has called you to be a leader, you can be involved in leadership evangelism. The eight steps described here can help you lead people to accomplish great things!

Sending tithe to independent ministries (April 1992)

A Union president shares his views on independent ministries, tithes sent to them, the rumor mills, and how they affect the ministry of the church.
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