Leo Ranzolin

Leo Ranzolin ministers in the General Conference Secretariat, serving the Inter-American and South American divisions.

"My People Perish"

"MY PEOPLE perish for want of knowledge." * This is the Lord's complaint in Hosea 4:6. The people in the days of Hosea were starving for real food, the Word of God, and it was the priests who were to blame for this famine. . .

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Spiritual Consolidation

WE HEAR a lot about consolidation in our church today. Many express the thought that they do not want to consolidate with this or that. But the Lord wants to consolidate with us. The Lord wants to unite with us. Yet He does not force us. Only with God can we consolidate the differences. . .

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Making youth baptisms mean something

The decision of a young per son for Christ is an important event. Let's not sandwich it between the announcements and the special music. Make it an event to be remembered all life long.

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Making youth baptisms memorable

What you can do to make the most important event in the life of your people seem as important as it is.

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