Humberto M. Rasi

Humberto M. Rasi, Ph. D., is an associate director of the Department of Education of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

The Bible, the ecosphere, and us: Ten Key Concepts

Read the ten-concept list as to how Christians should relate to the natural environment and enhance human well-being.

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Why Do Different Scientists Interpret Reality Differently?

It is generally assumed that well-educated people who dedicate their professional lives to the scientific study of nature are able to approach their subjects with a dispassionate attitude.1 Using sophisticated equipment, they make careful observations, conduct experiments, develop hypotheses, propose theories, and arrive at objective conclusions in their respective areas of expertise. . .

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Ministering to Adventist students in public universities

If there is a university near you, chances are good that Adventist students are attending. How can you meet their needs?

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