R. M. Ritland

Director, Geoscience Research Institute

"After His Kind"

A special research feature

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The Limitations of the Evolutionary Theory

A review of a book of unusual admissions by an evolutionary scientist.

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The Weightier Matters (Part III)

One has only to ponder the numerous remarkably intricate life processes necessary in reproduction, growth, and development to be impressed by the fact that it takes a high degree of intelligence to comprehend these phenomena

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The Weightier Matters

On approaching nature with an open, but not an empty, mind.

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"More Than One Voice" (Concluded)

THE second book to which we refer is a compilation of forty short articles edited by J. C. Monsma and published under the title Evidence of God in an Expanding Universe (G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1958, 250 pages. Price $3.95). This volume represents the work of forty American scientists from various specialties physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, medicine, geochemistry, et cetera who have prepared brief essays on why they believe in God, the evidence from science which supports their views. . .

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More Than One Voice (Part 1)

IN A REPORT from the National Science Foundation distributed to science teachers (NSF 63-15, May, 1963, pp. 1, 2) it was stated, "More scientific and technological discoveries have been made in the past fifteen years than in all previous recorded time." The truly phenomenal practical triumphs of science during this brief period, indeed, during the past century, have earned much well-deserved public respect for science. . .

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