Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse

Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse, D.M.A., is professor of music, Atlantic Union College.

The Role of Rhythm in Church Music (Part 2)

HOW then shall we address ourselves to the very vital issue of rhythm in the church today? Certainly to try to dismiss or overlook the problem as irrelevant is only a vain attempt to side-step what is becoming an increasingly burning question. Assuredly no one can claim to have all the answers to the complex situation of our present time. But there are a number of approaches that might merit our consideration that at least might stimulate our thinking and provide a base for further study of this problem. . .

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The Role of Rhythm in Church Music (Part 1)

FROM time immemorial music and religion have been closely interwoven, for since the dawn of history music has been an integral part of man's experience. The Bible itself opens on the strains of a sublime oratorio when "the morning stars sang together," and closes on that mighty chorus "Salvation, and glory, and honour" as human history merges into eternity. . .

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