Robert E. Romanelli

Robert E. Romanelli is a writer and copy editor for Life and Health magazine. He holds a B.A. degree from Columbia Union College and an M.A. degree from Villa nova University. He taught in the English department of West Chester State College from 1964 to 1969, and at Antillian College in Puerto Rico in 1970.

"Who, Me?. . . Walk Myself to Sleep?"

SOME people are somnambulists. They walk in their sleep. That has never been my problem. My problem was getting to sleep in the first place—until a friend of mine suggested a very simple solution. The solution was so simple that at first I did not believe it would work. All it involved was "sleepwalking," that is, walking myself to sleep!

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Religion in a Loaf of Bread

BECAUSE He recognizes that they are like sheep having no shepherd, Jesus is moved with compassion toward the thousands who crowd the grassy fields near the Galilean sea. All day long the Lord has ministered to this great crowd of humanity, feeding their souls with the words of life that fall from His lips in love and consideration for their human frailties. . .

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