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W E. Macpherson

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Articles by W E. Macpherson

Inadequate Knowledge and Narrow Views (November 1941)

How do we distinguish worthwhile health information from false advice?

The Humanity of Christ (April 1946)

There are many things about our Saviour which we either do not know or cannot understand.

The Humanity of Christ (Concluded) (May 1946)

Jesus was anatomically and physiologically a human being.

Qualities of Christian Scholarship (November 1957)

In giving consideration briefly to Christian scholar­ship, the selection of certain basic qualities by which a scholar might be identified would seem to be of value.

HEALTH EVANGELISM: The Scientist as a Christian (September 1951)

[This series by Dr. Macpherson represents a talk given to the medical students of the College of Med ical Evangelists during a recent Week of Prayer. EDITORS,]
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