An Eventful Six Months

From ministerial interns.

R. R. Bietz

An Eventful Six Months

I have now been an interne for six months. These months have meant more to me than scores of others. My experience with the tent effort was especially enjoyable. I have often lis­tened to the recital of the difficulties which our workers meet in foreign fields, but I have found out that there are difficulties to be met in the home­land as well.

We began our tent effort on the fifth day of July, and everything moved along nicely for about a month, when the pastors of the city became alarmed for fear their members were receiving too much light on the Bible, and in­cited a rebellion against us. The first indication of this rebellion was an at­tempt to destroy the tent by fire. However, we discovered the fire be­fore much damage was done. Then there came to us a petition from the school board to move our tent from the lot where we were located. This petition originated with the pastors of the city, and was signed by all of them.

It seemed that the best thing for us to do was to move to a different place in the city and carry on our meetings with as little break as pos­sible. We had hardly started again, when stones came flying thick and fast, and this program kept up for several evenings. When it became apparent just what spirit was back of this opposition, and we knew that the leading citizens saw the situation, we appealed to the city authorities in be­half of our civil rights. After that the storm of opposition calmed down, and in the effort that followed five influential families took their stand for the truth. We see that the Lord works in mysterious ways, and to Him we give all the praise.

I am now in the city of Bismark. My work during these cold months is from house to house. My motto is, Earnest prayer, diligent study, spirit­ual work. May the Lord help all in­ternes to be true and steadfast ambassadors for Christ.         

R. R. Bietz

Bismark, N. Dak.

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R. R. Bietz

July 1930

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