Organization of 30-Minute Program

This is an hour of decision for millions of souls.

By A. F. PURCELL, Radio Evangelist, Prescott, Arizona

In the mountain vastness of northern Ari­zona, Jeremiah 16 :16 has been literally ful­filled by radio, one of the instrumentalities God has placed in our hands to bring the advent message to those who know it not. "Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them ; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks." For the past year and a half, we have been conducting a radio broadcast from station KYCA here in Prescott. We are sponsoring a free Bible correspondence course in connection with the broadcast.

This is an hour of decision for millions of souls. The radio programs we are giving each Sunday morning are helping many to right decisions here in this mountainous district, where it is almost impossible to contact the majority of the populace in any other way. Each man, woman, and child needs the enlight­enment, the encouragement, and the hope which these programs bring.

People will listen to the radio when they will not read. This was proved by a survey made by Station KYCA some time ago, which showed that more people listen to KYCA than read all the newspapers which come into this area. The same no doubt holds true in other areas, and shows us the great possibilities of the radio. Another feature of inestimable value is the fact that it is possible to bring a number of lectures to the public without that satanic influence, prejudice, hardening the hearts of those upon whom the Spirit of God is working.

Station KYCA does not restrict us in any way ; so over a period of time I give the essen­tials of the message. However, in the light of the current war conditions I am very careful not to say anything that would bring trouble to the denomination here or abroad. We make no mention over the air of our denominational standing, but there are some who know who we are because my name is used on the stationery and envelopes we use in corresponding with those who are in our Bible class. Personally, I prefer to keep my church identity unknown and my radio programs separate in order more effectively to reach those who may be preju­diced against Adventists. However, when I hold an effort at the same time, I usually favor a tie-up between the broadcast and the evan­gelistic program.

Last year we had a fifteen-minute program known as the Prophecy Hour, but for the past few months we have been using the name, Bible Auditorium of the Air, because we are affiliated with the Bible Auditorium of the Air, which in turn is affiliated with the Voice of Prophecy. This affiliation has lent prestige and unity to our work, and is well worth the consideration of other active and prospective broadcasters of the advent message.

Our time on the air at present is from ten-thirty to eleven each Sunday morning. This thirty-minute period has proved very success­ful, but we expect to change our time soon to nine-thirty to ten. This is only one hour earlier, but a much better time because it en­ables us to reach those who attend church at the later hour.

In breaking down the time for a thirty-minute program, I usually allow one minute for the theme song and announcement of the program by the station, two minutes for music, one minute for prayer, two minutes for my announcement of the subject and invitation to the listeners to join our Bible Correspondence Course, two minutes for another transcription, and fifteen to seventeen minutes for the mes­sage. After the message, two minutes are al­lowed for another transcription, and the rest of the time is used to explain our program, to make an appeal for funds, and to tell of our book-for-the-month.

In securing names for the radio correspond­ence course, various methods are employed. We are sending cards through the mail explain­ing the lessons, having members pass cards from house to house, and making announce­ments over the air. However, I find that the best method is to have specially trained church members go from door to door with sample lessons, explaining the course and encouraging the people to sign for the course. The interest developed from the lessons is likewise followed up by these same members to some extent, but in most cases I follow up the interest myself.

In regard to finances, the bulk of our money comes from circular letters sent out each month to church members and to those taking the study course. We also make direct appeals over the air and in the church. As the members get interested in the program, they will give liberally without any urging. Many times money comes in with the lessons, especially from church members taking the course. The conference committee 'recently voted to give our radio program financial help each month. This will enable us to enlarge our program.

I find radio the most interesting evangelistic work there is, and would encourage all our ministers to carry on such a program whenever possible. By all means we should be conduct­ing broadcasts in our large cities. We must not feel that our national hookup will take care of all the local needs, any more than one general evangelist could take care of all the needs of a conference. There is ample room and need for those who wish to carry on this effective type of evangelism. A typical daily broadcast, as outlined on a "Que Sheet," follows.


Broadcast No. 14, KYCA, Prescott, Ariz. 

Sunday, 10:30 to 11 A. M., May 3, 1942

"Bible Auditorium of the Air"

Theme Song and Announcement:"Jesus, (1 min). Saviour, Pilot Me." (After one minute, fade under theme and make following announcement:) "We are pleased to bring you at this time the sponsored broadcast of the Bible Auditorium of the Air."

(Bring up theme for five seconds, then fade into next hymn.)

KYCA: Transcription No. 552D, "It is (2 min) Well With My Soul."

Speaker: Prayer and Announcement of 3 min.

Subject and Study Course.

KYCA : Transcription No. 356, "Lead, (2 min.) Kindly Light."

Speaker: Message for the day, 16 min.

KYCA : Transcription No. 423D, "Where (2 min.) He Leads Me."

Speaker: (Closing Announcement) "You (3 min.) have been listening to the Bible Audi­torium of the Air, an affiliated broad­cast with the Voice of Prophecy on the Mutual network, and with fifteen other Bible Auditorium of the Air stations, making a total of 127 stations from coast to coast. This program is brought to you each Sunday morning at this time and is a faith broadcast kept on the air by your contributions. You may have a part in keeping these programs on the air, and at the same time receive free of charge an outstanding book on health or Bible themes. Remember to join us again next Sunday morning at ten-thirty. Until then-

KYCA : Background of music appropriate to theme. 1 min 

Speaker: "The Lord bless thee, and keep thee : the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee, the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace." Num. 6:24-26.

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By A. F. PURCELL, Radio Evangelist, Prescott, Arizona

October 1942

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