Opera Chair Pew-Seats

I took over the pastorship of the lovely little Baldwin Park, California, church re­cently. The building was quite new, and I found that the congregation were still using tem­porary folding chairs.

By JOHN D. RHODES, Pastor-Evangelist, Southern California Conference

I took over the pastorship of the lovely little Baldwin Park, California, church re­cently. The building was quite new, and I found that the congregation were still using tem­porary folding chairs. This energetic congre­gation had raised more than a thousand dollars toward pews some time before I arrived, and had a good portion of this deposited with an Eastern church furniture company. This firm, finding it impossible to meet its contract, had been putting off the congregation for some time. The church council voted to recall the money and look elsewhere.

It was soon learned that for a modest con­gregation regular oak pews were too costly. The companies we visited would not guarantee delivery at any price before twelve months.

I had heard of a combination pew and opera-chair seat, but I did not know where these could be purchased. I was happy to learn that just five miles from my church was the Edu­cational Equipment Company, at 303 East Valley Boulevard, El Monte, California. They made the very pew-seat I was interested in. Four months from time of order the seats pictured were installed. And these were, for the most part, installed by the church members. Where one has a cement floor problem it is well to have professionals drill the holes for the brackets that hold the seats down. These seats can be had f.o.b. for the following prices : $1,300 per Too seats; $2,830 per 200 seats; $4,200 per 300 seats. This price includes the finished product assembled and ready for ship­ment.

The seats are covered with a good quality of leatherette in a wide range of colors. The end standards are made of solid magnolia wood, two inches thick. The backs are of heavy gum veneer trimmed with solid gum molding. The armrests between the seats are also of hard­wood. The whole seat goes together easily and is held together with long screws. The wood can be stained any color to match the needs of the church.

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By JOHN D. RHODES, Pastor-Evangelist, Southern California Conference

December 1949

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