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Baker's Bible Atlas, Charles F. Pfeifer, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids 6, Michigan, 1961, 333 pages, $7.95.

Few books reach our desk that contain so much helpful and accurate material. Charles Pfeiffer, with the consulting editors, has made a real con­tribution to Biblical literature in this new volume. It is comprehensive, not only in its geography but also in its history. The illustrations are up to date. For one desirous of becoming really familiar with the lands of the Bible, this book is a must. If you are at all familiar with this area, this work will serve to stimulate and perhaps correct your impres­sions. For one who has had no firsthand knowledge, this Bible atlas will prove inspiring and educa­tional. It is handsomely bound, with attractive lay­out.

The title may be a little misleading. It is much more than an atlas; it is a scholarly treatise of the whole area. The maps are modern, accurate, and understandable. For Bible teachers, evangelists, and pastors this book will prove invaluable. The price is S7.95, but the announcement is that if ordered before the end of this year, 1961, it will be $6.95.

R. Allan Anderson

Unfolding the Revelation (revised), R. Allan An­derson, Pacific Press Publishing Association, Mountain View, California, 1961.

Seven years ago the first edition of Unfolding the Revelation came from the press, and those who have read it have been impressed with its scope as well as its spirit of evangelism. Originally prepared for large public Bible classes, it has been used as a textbook in college and seminary classes. For about four years it has been unavailable.

Before going to press with this present edition, the book was revised by the author, bringing it more up to date and making it more factual in cer­tain areas. The worldwide demand for this book among English readers has encouraged its revision, and we are confident that it will prove an even greater inspiration than before. Many sections have been completely changed in the text, so that even those possessing the original will find in the revision much helpful material.

No book in the Bible has a larger place in Adventist study than the book of Revelation, and we have been urged to make a special study of these wonderful prophecies. The author, who has visited Bible lands on many occasions, recently made a special study of the Seven Churches area, as well as Patmos, all of which has lent color to the new Unfolding the Revelation. He is well known, not only for his books but as an evangelist and teacher in college and university and as editor in chief of The Ministry.

Evangelists, pastors, Bible instructors, as well as teachers and executives, will here find a mine of information and inspiration. 

H. W. Lowe


The Gospels Translated Into Modern English, J. B. Phillips, Macmillan Company, New York, 1961 paperback, 252 pages, $1.25.

A translation from the koine Greek. Its vigorous, ideomatic style highlights the spiritual lessons for the modern reader, presenting the original thought and emotion of the text. This paperback edition fits into the economy of the worker who enjoys, comparing various translations. The author's st\le is informative as well as fascinating.

Louise C. Kleuser


Devotional Talks for Children, Michael Daves (Minister's Handbook Series), Baker Book House, Grand Rapids 6, Michigan, 1961, 92 pages, $1.95.

The author of this book has served Methodist churches in Texas. These children's stories are brief but inspire sound thinking. They provide hints for adaptation. A good ministerial tool.

L. C. K.


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November 1961

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