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Editorial: The joys of being dead

This month’s Ministry has several articles about how we can live our Lord’s agape love like the New Testament church did in Acts.


Growing Young: 6 Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church

Without addressing the inclusion of younger generations, the local church’s own existence is doomed sooner or later.

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Church news from around the world

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The church: What is it? How does it work?

To maintain unity in today’s growing church, the body will benefit in understanding the basic functions in the church and how they work together to fulfill Christ’s mission.

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The blessing of spiritual mentoring

Early New Testament leadership created a culture of mentoring in the church so that the next generation could learn from their example, experience, wisdom, and fortitude. This should also be done today, through intentional training and teaching.

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The Practice of Listening —Part 2

In our quest to be successful pastors, we focus on many important things, but have we overlooked the one basic element that separates the “A” class from the “C” class—the art of listening?

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United in message, mission, and organization

Study with the author the challenges of unity in a growing church with divergent opinions while being one body led by one Spirit.

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“Life together” for church leaders: Learning from the book of Acts

Be inspired by the examples of togetherness that the New Testament church experienced as reflected in the book of Acts.

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Dateline: A modern-day miracle

From our continuing revival and reformation series.




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