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W.H. Anderson

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Articles by W.H. Anderson

Approach to the African Mind (August 1946)

Suggestions from the Ministry staff.

The Truth About the Tongues Movement (November 1948)

We here explore the topic of tongues.

Is There a Second Chance? (September 1949)

How comforting it would be to think there would be a second chance for the sinner, because there are so many things in this life that attract him.

Missionary Approach to Africa's Natives (May 1938)

Our veteran missionary to Africa stresses certain fundamental principles.

A Veteran Missionary Answers Questions (July 1933)

What are some of the fundamental principles that the missionary appointee should bear in mind as he approaches his new field, and comes into contact with a situation so completely dif­ferent from his homeland life? What are some of the principles that should govern him as he endeavors to give the everlasting gospel to hea­then peoples?
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