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N.R. Dower

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Articles by N.R. Dower

The Joy of Present Salvation (May 1948)

One of the most pathetic conditions that we find in the church today, and one for which there should be no real excuse, is the continual fog of uncertainty that surrounds so many of our dear people regarding their present personal relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

"I sought a man" (November 1966)

Central to the proclamation of the everlasting gospel is the living preacher.

Total Involvement (November 1967)

Warning the world and preparing the church for the Coming of Christ.

World Congress on Evangelism (February 1967)

Delegates from 100 countries meet in Berlin.

Penetration (June 1967)

The gospel as the greatest need of the world today.

Pointer's (March 1967)

By the Ministry Staff

Lead Me in the Way Everlasting (March 1967)

Heart preparation needed as we approach the Day of the Lord.

Inspiration (July 1968)

Understanding the definition of inspiration

The Book of Acts 1968 Version (June 1968)

The story of worldwide revival, reformation, and evangelism.

Doubts About Inspiration? (November 1969)

IT IS a sad and disappointing thing to hear good men with great intellect expressing their endless doubts about the inspiration of the Bible. This ranges from questions about the whole of the Sacred Book to expressions of uncertainty about many particulars in the Book. The authorship of certain books or letters, the recording of certain miracles, the apparent lack of agreement between two authors of what is thought to be the same event, are examples, and there are many more that might be mentioned. . .

Concern (June 1969)

OUR pastors have been using this program with excellent results. In one of our smaller areas four families have been coming back to church since the CONCERN kits were taken to them. This is a wonderful program and will surely bring results.". . .

The Half Has Never Been Told (Concluded) (June 1969)

AT THE close of the Australasian Division annual meetings it was my privilege, together with Brethren W. R. Beach and W. L. Pascoe from the General Conference, to attend the North New South Wales camp meeting. The campground is beautifully situated on the shores of a large lake. . .

The Half Has Never Been Told (May 1969)

OH, IT is wonderful, it is marvelous and wonderful what Jesus has done for this soul of mine. The half has never been told!"

World Stewardship Day (December 1975)

"ALL THINGS come of thee, and of thine own have we given thee" (1 Chron. 29:14). Not only is this a beautiful sentiment but it is true. "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning" (James 1:17). . .

One Message, One Mission, One Movement (October 1975)

FOR MANY years we have been busily engaged in our unique mission of giving the three angels' messages and their coordinate parts to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. We have done this as a richly blessed, united movement, especially designed by the Lord to meet the true needs of the world today. Our efforts have not been without success. . .

The Story Behind the PREACH. Project (April 1975)

A pilot project intended to provide The Ministry magazine to the approximately 25,000 non-Adventist clergymen within the geographical limits of the Columbia Union has been approved by the General Conference and Columbia Union committees. This project, given the acronym PREACH, is slated to begin in the fall of 1975 and will provide these clergymen with a twelve-issue introductory gift subscription to our Seventh-day Adventist professional ministerial journal. . .

Preparation for Marriage (December 1974)

PERHAPS the greatest single neglect in the whole human experience is proper preparation for marriage. Yet whether we realize it or not, people are being prepared for marriage. It is my firm conviction that the tragic results evident in so many homes are the product of this preparation. . .

"Till Divorce Do Us Part" (November 1974)

SOME TIME AGO, at the invitation of friends in our neighbor hood, I attended a Christian wedding ceremony performed by a minister of another denomination. Most of what he said was what you would hear in any Adventist ceremony. . .

A Virtually Untapped Resource (October 1974)

THIS church has not yet taken full advantage of one of its great est resources. We have not learned to use effectively the growing number of retired ministers that live among us. These men have served well and long and desire to be relieved of the heavier burdens that they have formerly carried. It is right that they should do this, but many of them still would enjoy serving the church in a helpful and constructive way as their time and strength permit. . .

Is Doubling Our Offerings Enough? (April 1974)

FROM the 1973 Annual Council, one noted for the spirit of revival and reformation, an appeal went out to all of our church members to double their weekly giving for the Sabbath school. This is an excellent suggestion and one that will be heartily received by many of our dear faithful people around the world. In the light of rising prices, the energy crisis, and the untold problems that are plaguing our world, any effort to provide the means for the speedy completion of our task should be applauded and embraced. So we wholeheartedly endorse the Sabbath school plan voted at the Annual Council. . .

The Charismatic Movement (March 1974)

IT WAS a little over a year ago that a group of scholars met in Georgia to study the charismatic movement and its relationship to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. A number of very helpful papers were presented and certain conclusions were reached that have since been passed out to the workers in various parts of the world field. . .

A Holy, Healthy, Happy People (February 1974)

"IT WAS not the will of God that the coming of Christ should be thus delayed. God did not design that His people, Israel, should wander forty years in the wilderness. He promised to lead them directly to the land of Canaan, and establish them there a holy, healthy, happy people. But those to whom it was first preached, went not in 'because of unbelief.' Their hearts were filled with murmuring, rebellion, and hatred, and He could not fulfill His covenant with them. . .

How Big Are We? (November 1973)

THE great disappointment of our day, and one of the reasons why we are not accomplishing as quickly as we should the task God has assigned us, is that we still turn "every one to his own way." We move largely independently of one another and most of our plans are made without regard to what others are planning and doing. . .

MISSION '73 World Report (August 1973)

THRILLING reports are reaching us from the world field telling of the success of MISSION '73. The wonderful part is that at this writing there remains seven months of MISSION '73. Every worker will want to take advantage of every remaining day of this important year to lead souls to the Saviour and to prepare them for His soon return. Here are some reports from the field. . .

The $3.5 Million Robbery (August 1973)

THE needs of the Lord's work are so many and varied as to almost defy description. Openings are developing in so many places and opportunities are so numerous that one cannot help but be impressed that this is our day. From the Middle East, from Europe and Africa, from Southern Asia and the Latin American countries, from the Far East and Australia, as well as in North America, this is our day of unparalleled opportunity. . .

Righteousness by Faith (August 1976)

On the new righteousness by faith report

Finishing the Work (June 1976)

"These are serious indictments that stand between us and the finishing of the work."

404 Trophies in Montego Bay (April 1973)

C. D. BROOKS, field secretary of the General Conference, was invited to conduct a series of meetings in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in connection with the Inter-American Division mammoth evangelistic thrust during the fiftieth year of the division's organization. . .

World Day of Prayer (March 1973)

MUCH has been written and said about repentance, revival, and reformation in the past few years, but often this has been quite general and not very specific. The question raised in Malachi 3:7: "Wherein shall we return?" called forth a specific answer from the Lord. This was in reference to the vital matter of robbing God in tithes and offerings. While this is still a problem in the church today, there is another area in which some drastic changes need to take place if we are to receive the full approval and blessing of the Lord. We write of Sabbath observance. . .

Reverence or Sleep? (February 1973)

ONCE in a while an unfavorable comparison is made between our worship services with their crying babies, whispering adults, and irreverence, and another church that is noted for its absence of all three of these. A point does need to be made frequently that our services of worship are to be reverent, and common whispering and talking are entirely out of place. . .

When to Baptize (December 1972)

General Conference has no plan to rush people into baptism." These words spoken clearly by Elder Robert H. Pierson have been heard in all parts of the world field. They present a fact that deserves serious consideration. Recently urgent inquiries have been reaching us from evangelists, pastors, and church members as to whether we believe in and foster quick baptisms, and the question is asked: "When should a person be baptized?"

85,000 in Detroit Meetings (December 1972)

ON JUNE 17, 1972, 2,700 people from the United States and Canada entered the Ford Auditorium on the banks of the Detroit River for the opening of the Detroit evangelistic campaign. This was the beginning of eight weeks of intensive spiritual emphasis for the Detroit metropolitan area. . .

Ministers' Meetings in the Euro-Africa Division (September 1972)

FOUR important and profitable ministers' meetings were held in Southern Europe during the month of April. They were held especially to give prayerful and earnest study to four basic objectives: first, the study of righteousness by faith; second, the unique mission and message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the world today; third, methods of evangelism that are proving successful; and fourth, the minister and his ministry in MISSION '73 and '74. . .

MISSION '72 (September 1972)

THE spring phase of MISSION '72 is over. The results have been most encouraging. The North Pacific Union states that by the end of June as many or more will have been baptized as were baptized in any previous full year. . .

A Minister and His "Girl Friends" (April 1972)

PERIODICALLY a letter comes to my desk unsigned, anonymous. Some times it is a crank letter written by some one who does not have the moral courage to speak his mind and sign his name to it. This kind receives the sort of treatment it deserves. But once in a while one comes that is the outpouring of a troubled heart, and because of the nature of the problem no names are mentioned, not even the name of the writer. . .

Check That Guide (February 1972)

THIS is the month when the final preparations are to be made, reviewed, and analyzed to make sure that everything will be in readiness for the MISSION 72 meetings to begin March 4. Pages 20 and 21 of the Planning Guide booklet should be carefully studied. . .

MISSION '72 "On the Job" Training (June 1971)

"The work of God in this earth can never be finished . . ." This would be a shocking and, if it were to stop here, a most discouraging statement. Thank God the message goes on to say: ". . . until the men and women comprising our church member ship rally to the work, and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers." Gospel Workers, p. 352.

Presidents Discuss MISSION '72 (April 1971)

TWO very profitable hours were spent in the discussion of MISSION '72 with the union presidents at Loma Linda on February 1. J. R. Spangler, M. H. Reeder, and Paul Nelson were present and clearly outlined the vital areas of the entire program. The presidents were most eager to see MISSION '72 succeed and gave wise and helpful suggestions, which are being incorporated into the plans.

Evangelism '72 Means Action! (March 1971)

THE call has sounded. The action has been taken. The plans are moving for ward with a great spirit of enthusiasm, co operation, and coordination. Prospects are bright, for the Lord is truly leading His church. Great things are about to take place. Once again North America will lead out in a program of all-out soul winning. . .

Revival in Oakland (January 1971)

The months of July, August, and September were memorable ones for the Seventh-day Adventist church in Oakland, California. For five nights a week and three times each Sabbath, an evangelistic crusade conducted by the Bay Area Seventh-day Adventist ministers was held in the Oak land Municipal Auditorium. The immediate sponsor of this campaign was the Northern California Conference under the direction of Elder James Chase. They invited E. E. Cleveland of the General Conference Ministerial Association to be the speaker. . .

Division-wide Evangelistic Crusade (December 1970)

The time has come for a united coordinated effort to be put forth to reach the entire population of the North American Division. . .

To Make Ready a People (June 1970)

What is the ultimate goal of our mission as a church? What is the final objective of our ministry as modern apostles for Jesus Christ? Is it to finish the work, or to change the world, or to demonstrate for peace, or to press for social reforms and true racial equality? Is it to preach with power the three angels' messages, or to fill up the church and make up the 144,000? . . .

The Adventist Approach to Theology (October 1977)

Introducing a study on theological methodology

E.E. Cleveland—a Tribute (August 1977)

A tribute to a renowned evangelist.

New Role of the Licensed Minister (February 1977)

Licensed Ministers——Role and Status

Day of Prayer and Fasting (April 1980)

A special day of prayer and fasting in behalf of the GC Session.

Harvest Time (February 1980)

Annual Council action urges emphasis on evangelism.

True Reformation (January 1974)

The topic assigned to me is "True Reformation." I should like to deal with it in the setting of four basic questions. . .
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