Angela Elwell Hunt

Angela Elwell Hunt, a free-lance writer, lives in Largo, Florida. One of her latest books, If God Is Real, Where on Earth Is He? is published by Here's Life.

Married to the youth pastor?7

The rapport with kids that before their marriage attracted the author to her husband-to-be afterward posed problems. Just how do you handle this stress-and the other stresses-of being the wife of a youth pastor?

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Christian education: too much of a good thing?

How safe are our children within the fortress of Christian education? Are they learning to exercise their faith, or only their minds?

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Teenagers: Parental Guidance Suggested

Rich Wilkerson, Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon, 1983, 171 pages, $5.95, paper.

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Urban ministry: an overlooked mission field?

The gospel has the power to transform the lonely, the aimless, and the dying in the inner cities. Have we given this ministry our support?

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