David C. Jarnes

David C. Jarnes is an associate editor of Ministry

British Adventism: A Journey Toward Unity in Diversity in Christ

Six principles that have helped churches in Britain find the unity in diversity so essential to their witness.

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In praise of guilt

In this age, guilt has acquired a bad reputation. But more often than not it functions positively, helping preserve societal and personal relationships, and highlighting our need of God.

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How to feel thankful

God appreciates our gratitude in return for what He has done for us. But false gratitude may be evasive, and demands for gratitude are often manipulative. How can we cultivate genuine, spontaneous gratitude?

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By whose authority?

As pastors our responsibility is to preach the word--but whose word? The tendency to substitute personal authority and interesting stories flies in the face of Jesus' example on the way to Emmaus.

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