Igor Lorencin

Igor Lorencin, PhD, is associate professor of New Testament Studies at Friedensau Adventist University, Friedensau, Germany.

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The three angels’ messages for our time

What is the point of telling others about the three angels of Revelation? Read the author’s applications of these special messages for today.

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Babylonian mentality: With whom do you bank?

God is preparing something qualitatively much better than Babylon, and He offers it entirely for free—the New Jerusalem.

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Near, but Distant: Lessons from Luke on the Problem of Indifferent Members

Indifference can cost anyone eternity. Read Luke’s description of how Jesus calls everyone to become involved.

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Hospitality and not patronage: Lessons in relationships from 3 John

A unique look at John's letter to Gaius that sheds light on creating a positive environment where believers can feel respected, needed, and loved.

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