C. E. Moseley Jr.

Former Field Secretary, General Conference

New Converts Witnessing Truth

Good teaching, it is said, "combines learning with doing," and is progressive. There­fore in teaching new believers the standards of Christian living and conduct, we ought to em­ploy sound educational procedure to reach the desired end.

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Intemperance—An Inveterate Evil

We may think of intemperance as the octopus of sin. It is an inveterate evil that can strike at the heart of even a preacher.

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The Church Pastor

Why a true church pastor is a gift from the Lord.

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The True Thanksgiving Spirit

The one hundredth psalm is a beautiful poem that climaxes six consecutive psalms of thanksgiving. In this poem all peoples of earth, friendly and hostile alike, are invited to join Israel in offering thankful praises to God for His abundant mercies and blessings.

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The Spirit-Filled Church

THE Christian Church was launched at Pentecost. Pentecostal power impelled the young church on its mission. The assigned mission of the church was to preach the gospel of Christ in all the world. And the youthful, Spirit-filled church plied its mission magnificently.

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