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Richard O. Stenbakken

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Articles by Richard O. Stenbakken

“I have not left the ministry!” (July 2018)

This author experienced a depth of ministry fulfillment beyond anything he had ever imagined. Explore aspects of chaplaincy not previously considered.

Church Growth Through the Family-Life Center (December 1977)

Specific instructions on how to organize a family-lifecenter in your church.

First-person preaching (January 1991)

This mode of preaching not only brings variety to your worship services; it is powerfully persuasive.

The affair (March 1993)

The affair I did not want to face or talk about.

The Son is up! (April 1996)

Creative ways of presenting the good news of Christ's death and resurrection

The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life (May 1997)

Even if you don't see yourself as a megaleader, personal application of this volume will enrich and more than likely change your life and worldview.

Chaos and chronos: The integration of disorder and order (February 2001)

The dynamic, positive role of negative forces in human experience.
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