Trophies of Grace Presented

Has not the time come when we should be doing some aggressive soul winning in our sanitariums?

By FRANCIS W. AVERY, Chaplain, Florida Sanitarium, Orlando, Florida

Those who find themselves engaged in san­itarium work often bemoan the fact that they seem so far removed from the actual work of saving souls. They come and go according to a crowded schedule, and it seems that there is no time for that extra bit which is needed to engage in actual soul-winning work. Most of their time is consumed in creating an atmos­phere for soul-winning work. Theirs is a work of setting the stage, so to speak, for evangelistic work.

Surely a grand and good work has been done by many faithful souls who have given so gen­erously of their time and talents to make our sanitariums a success. But has not the time come when we should be doing some aggres­sive soul winning in these institutions? We do not have in mind going throughout the insti­tution preaching our doctrines promiscuously to all the patients. Nor should our doctrines be preached in the parlor of the institution. And yet there is great need for actual, concrete 're­sults. How can this best be accomplished?

We believe the answer is in having an effi­cient Bible instructor to labor in the institu­tion. As she finds interests these are followed up in the homes of the patients, where Bible studies are given. It is here that results are found. There is no end of work for such a la­borer, and she does not have to depend upon an evangelist to provide her with a visiting list. That is already done for her. She always has a large number of potential converts to work with.

To get full benefit from this work, may we suggest that from time to time a special meeting be called, in which these trophies of grace are presented to the workers. At a re­cent constituency meeting of the Florida Sani­tarium and Hospital such a feature was con­ducted as a part of the chaplain's report. It was a thrilling and inspirational experience to see these trophies come to the microphone and tell of their experience, and how they came to be Adventists. They told of how they found Christ in the sanitarium, or how they were in­terested in Bible studies by the Bible instructor or the chaplain. We believe the inspiration of that meeting will long be felt by our workers.

Evangelism is certainly the keynote of the day, whether out in unentered territories, in city evangelism, or in our institutions. There is great need for our graduate nurses to conduct health schools in every available place. We are surely fortunate here in the Florida Sanitarium and Hospital to have an evangelistically-minded alumni association. This group is work­ing diligently on two major projects at the present time. It is too early to predict the re­sults, but we believe that much good will be ac­complished by the efforts of these consecrated workers.

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By FRANCIS W. AVERY, Chaplain, Florida Sanitarium, Orlando, Florida

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