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July 2018


Editorial: A hole in the bucket

The vital role that chaplains play in the life of the church.



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Jesus and Eli: Antithetical portraits of spiritual care models

The wounded need healing—from wounded healers. Learn how to identify right and wrong models of spiritual care.

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Sharpening saws and saving lives

Continuing education in ministry is a must. Get started with timely suggestions—from someone who has been there.

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The healing place

Chaplains and pastors are similar, but learn how a chaplain approaches the place of healing for distress, grief, and loss.

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Chaplaincy: Are you called?

“Okay, chaplaincy is a calling.” Read about how to determine whether or not this calling applies to you.

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My bucket is running empty: Cumulative stress in ministry

Those who serve people are the most vulnerable to stress overload—even suicide. Read what you can do, from persons who have seen the worst.

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Letters to the Editor

Our readers respond to articles of interest to them.

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“I have not left the ministry!”

This author experienced a depth of ministry fulfillment beyond anything he had ever imagined. Explore aspects of chaplaincy not previously considered.

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Practical Pointers: Chaplains—so who are we?

“All chaplains are pastors, but not all pastors are chaplains.”


Book Review: Nothing to Fear: Principles and Prayers to Help You Thrive in a Threatening World

A guidebook to finding spiritual strength in turbulent times.


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