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Irene B. Anderson

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Articles by Irene B. Anderson

The Sanctuary The Central Theme (March 1938)

Building an Entire Series Upon This Principle

The Projector in Cottage Meetings (May 1941)

In general, people are "picture-minded" to­day. We must therefore take advantage of the projector in our meetings.

Ways of Gaining Decisions (Symposium) (June 1942)

Plans and Methods, Experiences and Problems

Singing Groups in Bible Work (February 1942)

Singing, or sunshine, bands have proved a blessing to many in hospitals and sanitari­ums, and around beds of sickness in homes.

Bible Class for New Converts (July 1944)

It is truly just as necessary for the Bible in­structor to establish new converts as it is to bring them to a definite decision

Two Special Bible Workers' Meetings (August 1941)

Highlights from two special bible workers' meetings.
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