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June 2018


Editorial: It’s their time now

Could it be that our own survival is connected with our willingness to listen the young?



Religious news from around the world.


A daily petition to God

Inspiring thoughts from our continuing revival and reformation series.


Keeping future faith: Helping youth stay in the church

Alienation, irrelevance, intolerance—familiar experiences and expressions from your youth. How can we be there for them?


PK for life! This time it’s personal

Being a young person is one thing—being a preacher’s kid is another. There are burdens—but, thanks be to God, there are also blessings.


Damascus road or Emmaus road? Conversion, nurture, or both?

The vital ingredients of nurture and conversion are examined for their critical role in youth discipleship.


Youth and the born-again identity: An interview with Adam Ramdin

This encouraging interview reaches out to the millennial, social media generation with exciting tools that strengthen the youth’s identity with the church.


“They don’t know everything!”: Steps in youth leadership development

How did Aquila and Priscilla help Apollos, and what lessons can we apply today?


Preaching With Cultural Intelligence: Understanding the People Who Hear Our Sermons

Insight into developing sermons listeners need.


What about the children? Building a safety culture in your church

Practical pointers for building a culture of safety in your church.


Letters to the Editor

Our readers respond to recent articles.


Winning with young people: Five things every pastor should know do

Pastors and other church leaders can help our young people embrace identity, mission, and leadership. In fact—we must.


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