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Archa O. Dart

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Articles by Archa O. Dart

When Children Go to Church (April 1958)

This article is taken from No. 3 of a new series of twelve leaflets entitled the Christian Home Series, published by the Educational Department of the General Conference. They are available through your Book and Bible House.

A Minister Should Tell the Truth (April 1961)

The work of the minister is to make people happy, not sad; to strengthen the home, not weaken it; to encourage children to have greater love and respect for their parents, not less.

Where Does the Money Go? (February 1961)

Wouldn't it be wonderful we had no financial prob­lems at all in the home or in the church? Why do we have to be burdened continually with this extra load?

Should She Divorce Him? (November 1960)

The strength of the church is determined by the strength of the home. The pastor as shep­herd of the flock will lead his people in a way that will assure them happy, successful homes.

Choosing a Life Companion (October 1960)

Before choosing a life companion both the man and the woman should ask themselves all ten of these fundamental questions...

Here Comes the Bride (August 1960)

The basic fundamentals of marriage counseling for Ministers.

The minister and his family (July 1960)

The minister who budgets his time can be a true husband and father to his family and still not neglect his church responsibilities.

Orphan Children (June 1960)

The church that cares for the orphans of the believers and of the community will have a rich award.

The Minister and Home Education (May 1960)

To assist the busy pastor in his endeavor to train parents, the Home and Parent Education section of the Department of Education is dedi­cated. Perhaps a review of the objectives and the work of this section will enable a minister to know where to turn whenever he desires help in this field.

The Minister and Problem Children (March 1960)

The other day a pastor came to me and asked, "What can I do with the children in my church?

The Minister and the Children (February 1960)

The most productive field in which any evan­gelist can work is with the children of the church and the next most productive ter­ritory is the children of the neighborhood.

The Minister and the Home (January 1960)

A MINISTER'S HOME in­fluences more people than his pulpit. A good family is of inestimable value to the minister.
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